There are so many great event spaces in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We’re blessed with beautiful locations surrounded by natural backdrops and unique architecture. We’re highlighting a few of our favorite venues to work in. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, we believe these spaces can help you produce some of your best shots.

It’s hard to miss the gleaming monument of glass and steal that dominates much of the Minneapolis skyline. US Bank Stadium, completed in 2016 at an estimated $1.6 billion dollars, is one of our favorite venus to work in. 

Replacing The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in 2014, US Bank stadium has been host to major events including the 2018 Super Bowl, 2019 NCAA Final Four tournament and countless concerts, shows and expos. 

With such a multifunctional space there’s a few reasons why our CEO and photographer, Uzoma Obasi, loves working here:

  • Event Spaces: Obasi has shot in the Hyundai Club, the Delta 360 Lounge and on the field. The stadium boasts approximately 9,300 club seats within six different club spaces, 800 high-definition televisions and a full-service restaurant. 

Helpful tip when shooting in these private spaces: bring your own lighting. 

“The light bounces really well which is great for on camera flash. You can get a pretty consistent shot in each space,” according to Obasi. 

  • Lighting: “On the field they have some of the best lighting I’ve ever seen in my life, it makes it a very nice place to shoot,” says Obasi. 

We can probably attribute the phenomenal natural lighting to the Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene  – the crystal clear plastic the roof is made of. At 240,000 sq ft it is the largest structure made out of this material in North America. The roof was built to mimic the effect of an outdoor stadium, which the owners originally wanted but state and local government wouldn’t allow. 

Not only do all the windows and clear roof make for phenomenal lighting, but they also offer guests breathtaking views of the city. 

  • Staff: According to Obasi the staff at US Bank Stadium are accommodating and wonderful to work with. They provide a safe place for equipment and are ready to help with whatever need may arise.

“I needed a ladder and they made a ladder appear out of nowhere! They’re very knowledgeable about the space,” says Obasi.

  • Easy Access: There are ample parking ramps and lots surrounding the stadium. Public transportation, like the light rail also takes you literally to the door. This makes it super convenient for bringing in equipment and setting up. 

U.S.Bank stadium offers up fantastic natural lighting, friendly staff, beautiful private spaces and is incredibly easy for photographers of any skill level to capture high-quality photos. We love shooting at this venue, and catching a concert or a game while doing so is an extra plus.