Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis the convention center hosts some of the biggest gatherings and expos in the state. We’ve been able to document some of the events that are held in the convention center, and we love working in this venue.

The Minneapolis Convention Center is the largest indoor convention center in the midwest, and because of it’s size can host multiple events on the same day. Some of the most popular events include The Wedding Fair, Villain Arts Tattoo Convention and the Healthy Life Expo to name a few. From large expositions to small meetings, the convention center boasts multiple spaces to meet host and audience needs.

Our CEO and lead photographer, Uzoma Obasi, has shot multiple events at the convention center and loves working in the space because of the accommodating staff, professional level equipment and the assurance you’ll be able to produce high quality work.

Some of the event’s Obasi has shot at the convention center include Super Bowl 52 Live, Final Four Fan Fest, the Manova Sumit and Meet Minneapolis meetings. He says he enjoys working in the many spaces the convention center has to offer because the quality of the staff and equipment already on site takes the guess work out of his job.

“They usually have A/V staff on hand to get the support you need. You don’t have to worry about problems or improvising because they’re there to help,” said Obasi. He also emphasized how great the stage lighting is inside the convention the center, but he suggests bringing an on camera flash for the smaller rooms.

Multiple spaces are like blank canvases for any event the customer can dream of. The visions they bring to life along with the top-notch lighting and equipment provided by the convention center make for high quality photo and video. We love working in this video and suggest you shoot there too!