One of our New Year Resolutions: be consistent with keeping you updated on all the fantastic events we get to cover. We’re privileged to work with many different clients and companies whose event’s range from medical conferences to sporting event pre-parties. Every event is unique and deserves to be documented in a way that captures the energy in the building. We’re proud to provide the coverage you need to put the final touch on your gathering.

We’re heading into 2020 with some more awesome events on the horizon, but before we look forward let’s look back on some memorable events of 2019.

Manova Summit

In 2019 we were able to capture all three days of the Manova Global Health Summit. The Manova Summit brought together innovative ideas on the frontier of health and wellness. We had the pleasure of meeting pioneering leaders, accomplished experts and revolutionary thinkers including Jane Fonda, Katie Couric, Chuck Runyon and Al Franken.

Manova aims to encourage those at the frontier of health and wellness to power a global evolution in the ways we care for our selves and the world.

NCAA Final Four

The NCAA Final Four brought fans from around the country to our streets, and Minneapolis pulled out all the stops to make them feel welcome. We couldn’t resist getting in on the fun and we’re lucky enough to cover some of the NCAA game day festivities.

Greater MSP

We continuously get to work with Greater MSP on many of their events throughout the year. From investor meetings to mingle events we’re thrilled to be included in their gatherings.

Thank you to everyone who included us in their 2019 events! We love being able to see all your hard work come to life, and we’re proud to be there documenting it for you.