Creative Mind Studios Partner Program

The Creative Mind Studios Partner Program is designed to create a meaningful way for us to interact with other companies that work in the event industry. Creative Mind Studios understands the value of partnerships and the value of the work our partners do. The Partner Program allows our partners to add value to their offering in the following ways:


Creative Mind Studios offers a variety of photography and videography services and now you clients get those services at 10% off!


There is nothing more frustrating than having losing photos of past events. We keep those files and make sure they are ready for you when they do go missing.


One of the biggest problems for event planners and venues is getting quality images of the events to use for marketing, social media etc. Creative Mind Studios solves that problem by making having the available to our partners.


Creative Mind Studios creates blogs and video content for our website and social media and we will be looking to showcase our partners throughout the year.


Our network is your network and when our clients come to us looking for the best event planner or venue we look to our partners to fill that need.


Throughout the year we will be providing our partners with incentive gifts, everything from framed prints to beuatifully binded books.

Incentive Gifts

Check out the great photo gifts that our partners earn!

1-10 Events


11-20 Events


21-30 Events